Update on Septic Regulations, 5/1/2018

Here are updates on several key issues:

County Revisions on New Septic System Regulations and Notice of Board of Supervisors meeting date change for item:
· Both the County and the Regional Water Quality Control Board are revising septic regulations in tandem with each other and consistent with new clean water requirements to be implemented this year. This message is an update on the most recent one sent about a month ago on this topic.
· Rather than write an informational message here, we attach the latest message from County PRMD staff on the topic. Please note Board of Supervisors meeting date change. (Their meetings start at 8:30 AM but we won’t know rough time until agenda comes out a few days before. We suggest you google Sonoma County Board of Supervisors May 22nd Agenda a few days prior for more detailed information. Board chambers are located at 575 Administration Dr. in Santa Rosa.)

Citizens’ Advisory Committee Established to address community issues regarding new septic system regulations.

Information on Fire Safety and opportunity to attend workshop on protection of property during and after wild fires:
· Information from Indigo Bannister on signing up for workshop taking place next week. This email also includes a fire recovery guide put together by CA Native Plant Society. There is also a link to the site where you sign up for the workshop. We are sorry that the deadline is today, but if you go to the site, you may still be able to sign up. So sorry we didn’t get this information out sooner. It’s been a very busy time.
· We have included email with link to Santa Rosa information on fire recovery also.

Update on Jenner Lifeguard Tower:
· The lifeguard tower has been ordered, and now is being constructed. It will take a few months to fabricate. We will keep you updated on its installation, which we hope will happen within the next two months.
· Annual Estuary Meeting in Jenner at the Community Center on May 31st: 6:00 -7:30 PM

Please pass this information on to others who might be interested.