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RRWPC Newsletter, May 2024: RRCSD, Fee Increases, and Local Governance

Some sad news to report this month, sorry to say, but you need to know the following:

Water Agency’s $20M grant application denied for RRCSD pipe & pump station repairs….We learned recently that the results of the income survey supposedly received by all Russian River County Sanitation District (RRCSD) ratepayers, was determined to be just shy of required amount to qualify for funds, as the cutoff was 80% of statewide average income and the District was at 81%.

RRWPC Newsletter, November 2023: Potter Valley and the Water Agency

Potter Valley Project (PVP) on its way out…..Now is a time of major transition in the water resource management field.  After completion of a long and laborious public process expected to occur during the next several years by water contractors and users, governmental managers and technicians, fishery advocates, native Americans, and environmentalists,

RRWPC Newsletter, February 24: Wastewater…Behind the Scenes

Partial truths equal mistruths as the public is misled and thereby uninformed….Over many years, RRWPC has followed the evolution of numerous  Russian River Area programs as they evolved from behind the scenes.  The public is generally kept unaware of program details until project plans are almost complete, with only a select few allowed advanced peeks at what is planned. 

RRWPC Newsletter, September 2023: Sewage spill penalties

Four years in the making, the ACL is finally here….The ‘Prosecution Team’ of the North Coast Regional Board has finally, after four years, completed their investigation into the enormous February/March, 2019 raw sewage spill by the Russian River County Sanitation District (RRCSD) near the Vacation Beach

RRWPC Newsletter, June 2023: Low Flow and the Biological Opinion

Biological Opinion and lower river flows are up for review again…..Public comments on the Russian River Fish Flow (Low Flow) Environmental Impact Report (EIR) were due in mid-March, 2017.  There was no deadline for the Water Agency’s response, but every year since, the release date for responses has been pushed back.  These responses and then a hearing before the State Water Board would have probably led to permanently

RRCSD’s History of Sewage spills: 1985 – 2021, March 21, 2023

To:  Citizens Advisory Group (CAG) and Interagency Technical Group (IT Group) Russian River County Sanitation District’s (RRCSD’s) : History of Sewage Spills & Permit Violations By Brenda Adelman on behalf of RRWPC Introduction: ...