Backup Photos For Complaint To Regional Water Quality Control Board, 6/2/2019

Backup Photos For Complaint To Regional Water Quality Control Board

Submitted 6-2-19 by Brenda Adelman for RRWPC

Photos of Vacation Beach Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) February 27 to March 2, 2019

Meeting at SSO Site :

Esa Day, Denny O’Leary, Mike Thompson, Lynda Hopkins  (Brenda taking picture)



Product from surging manhole  on 3-2-19 (Orchard Ave. by Pump Station)



Tour of Treatment Plant:

This was RRCSD pond two days before start of illegal discharge.

RRCSD Aeration Tanks (Are these close to capacity?): two days before illegal discharge began

Monte Rio Beach Memorial Day Weekend 5-25-19 around 2:00 PM


Probably one of those two A-frames in back of people gathered, has sign about wastewater in river.

We were looking for signs stating that wastewater was being discharged and stated in our Complaint that we saw no such

signs on the Monte Rio Beach.   After we expanded the picture on our computer, we noted a very small A-frame on the beach

just right of the rubber canoe in the water with three people nearby in the water.  Then we saw another one located on the

other side of the beach.  We could not see these in the camera’s viewer and didn’t know they were there.




This is the boat launch area.  You can see the A-frame with the barely visible sign.  This is not something that will catch anyone’s eye.  These signs need to be much bigger, with bold fonts and bright colors.  Otherwise they are a waste of time and expense.


Sign below is prototype of tiny A-frames pointed out earlier.  Paper size is 8 1/2” x 11”