March 2009: Sewer Fee Increase

Special Notice for RRCSD Ratepayers!!

By Brenda Adelman

On Monday, March 2, 2009, the Sonoma County Water Agency mailed out a notice to all ratepayers in the Russian River County Sanitation District announcing an increase of annual sewer fees to $1036 per hookup. This is about 5% more than last year. This fee will appear on your 2010 Property Tax Bill that comes out next October.

Under Proposition 218, ratepayers can protest this fee increase by signing the form on the notice (on bright colored paper) and returning it to the Russian River County Sanitation District in care of the Sonoma County Water Agency (address on mailer).  If 51% of the property owners protest, the fee cannot be charged.  Approximately 1200 protests are needed for this to happen.

If you own more than one property, you will be sent one form for each.  It is important to protest each property separately by signing a separate form for each one.  For instance, if you own three properties, you should receive three forms.  You need to sign each one and send them back, although they can all be sent in one envelope.  You do not have to give reasons for your protest.

Whether or not the increased fee is assessed, it is good to let County government know you are not happy about it.  If enough people send it in, it may help limit future increases even if we don’t meet the 51% requirement.

If you have questions about how to do this, call the Water Agency staff at the number listed on the form.