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Newsletter, July 2012: Updates on Estuary Plan, AB 2398 and Recycled Water Plan Amendment

Dear RRWPC Supporter:

Summer is here….
The dams are in, the temperature is heating up, river flows are very low, beaches are crowded, the algae is starting to bloom, and summer on the lower Russian River has truly begun. And, according to test samples, the river has been mostly free of bacteria.
Once again the Sonoma County Water Agency received permission from the State to lower minimum flows as far as 70 cubic feet per second (cfs) and on July 6, 2012, river flows as measured at the Hacienda Bridge were already down to 114 cfs. That’s extremely low at this point in the season, especially when we have not had any major heat waves lasting more than a day. Normally, the Water Agency would start releasing more water from the dams to bring flows back up to 125 cfs.

Recycled Water Policy Amendment

RRWPC Russian River Watershed Protection Committee P.O. Box 501 Guerneville, CA 95446 June 7, 2012 JeanineTownsend, Clerk State Water Resources Control Board 1001 I Street, 24th floor Sacramento, CA 95814 RE:  Comment letter:  Amendment ...

Sonoma County Gazette, July 2012

Recycled wastewater runoff: why you should care….
About 80 million pounds of the herbicide Atrazine are applied to the land each year nationwide, second only to glyphosate, prime ingredient of Round Up. Endocrinologist Dr. Tyrone Hayes discovered that exposing frogs to as little as 2.5 parts per billion of atrazine in water, less than the drinking water standard for humans, caused male frogs to develop female bodies, both internally and externally.

Letter to Noreen Evans on Recycled Water Bill

RRWPC Russian River Watershed Protection Committee P.O. Box 501 Guerneville, CA 95446 June 7, 2012 Senator Noreen Evans State Capitol Room 4032 Sacramento, CA 95814-4900 Dear Senator Evans: About our group… RRWPC is a nonprofit public ...

Newsletter, May 2012: State promotes “toilet to tap”

Dear RRWPC Supporter:

State water shortages motivate promotion of “toilet to tap”…..
In their concern about future water shortages expected from global warming and rapidly diminishing water resources, especially in Southern California, California officials are fast tracking legislation that will reuse vast amounts of treated wastewater.

Rather than focusing on stringent water conservation policies, a cheaper and much safer approach, State officials are focusing on potable and non-potable reuse of treated sewage. They want to discharge it into in our drinking water supplies and apply much larger amounts to our agricultural fields and urban landscapes. It is unclear at this point whether our waterways will be adequately protected from the runoff of massive applications. There will be very limited public review of these practices and in light of heavy cutbacks of regulatory staff, it is questionable that oversight of human and environmental health will be adequate.