RRWPC Newsletter, May 2020: Fee Increases, Discharge Permit, and COVID

Prior to three months ago, the term COVID-19 was not in our vocabulary!  The first heading of RRWPC’s January newsletter rhetorically asked, “What’s in the cards for 2020?”  The letter then went on to mention that recent worldwide earthquakes and fires, including our own record setting firestorms of recent years, major local floods, and more, has shaken our collective beings. It seemed appropriate at the time to follow with the query: What’s next? What we were really thinking however, was that we had had enough of disasters and were done for a while.  The words “novel coronavirus” and, COVID-19, did not yet exist in our vocabulary.

The coronavirus, it’s effects becoming actively noticed only a month later in February, 2020, has gone on to wreak havoc with our social, financial, educational, political, familial, and recreational lives.