November 2008: New Steelhead Beach Group and UWMP Lawsuit

November, 2008

Dear Russian River Supporter:

Demands for Russian River resources have proliferated over the last several years at the same time all signs indicate that its impairments are getting worse. RRWPC is a very small group, but we do our best to maximize our influence through our consistent presence on these issues. We can’t cover all of them, we have to pick and choose carefully, so we usually go where we think the greatest need exists, often where few others are paying attention.  This final mailer of the year gives a partial review of our work and also gives some projections of next year’s watershed challenges.

New group forms to protect Steelhead Beach…
2008 saw the formation of the ad hoc group, Friends of Steelhead Beach.  Because of their efforts, and because of your very strong response to our last mailer, we collected over 4300 signatures on our petition to save Steelhead Beach (and not all signatures are in yet).  We are extremely grateful to all who helped and we are sorry that we don’t have space to list all of your names. The petition will be turned into Santa Rosa’s Board of Public Utilities (BPU) on Dec. 4th at 1:30 in the City Council Chambers, when they will make their final river discharge project selection.  The public is welcome.