September 2008: Wastewater and Furch’s Campaign

September, 2008

Dear Russian River Supporter:

Water and wastewater issues are all converging now, some more imminent than others.  Our little mailer letter can’t begin to address them all, let alone in depth.  But we take pride in our ability to squeeze the essence of many local water issues into a compact two pages.  We are always available to provide more detail to those who request it, but for now we will give you the rundown on a few of the most important developments.

Santa Rosa’s wastewater decisions coming up…..
The latest in Santa Rosa’s wastewater saga includes serious and imminent consideration of direct discharge facilities to release as much as 69 million gallons a day in the Russian River at Forestville or Healdsburg. The Healdsburg location is above the City’s own drinking water supply, and because of much lower flows there, would cause greater water quality impacts.  Therefore, we do not think Healdsburg is the preferred option. The Forestville location would be at Steelhead Beach and is the location we have suspected for many years as being the City’s preferred discharge site.