January 2010: Monte Rio Sewer Concern


January, 2010

Dear RRWPC Supporter:

RRWPC continually receives large numbers of documents, reports, articles, and studies about our water environment.  Sifting through the mound of paper and emails to decide what is important and what can be tentatively ignored or thrown out can become a humongous task.  Often we use precious storage space to save things that end up falling by the wayside.  The piles of information grow as the ability to absorb it all declines.

When our work began (1980), there were few computers and no Internet.  Information was hard to come by and sometimes expensive to obtain. Sometimes it seems that there is more attention paid to completing mountains of reports and studies, while losing touch with how human activities impact the natural world.   Species loss is happening at an alarming rate, and when we figure out what to do, it’s often too little and too late.