Sonoma County Gazette, June 2007

Search for Environmental Truth

by Brenda Adelman

Many people claim to be environmentalists who care about nature and then do little to protect it. They want clean water, but oppose riparian setbacks. They want clean air, but they drive SUVs. They mean well, as long as it is convenient.  They don’t intentionally mess up, but fail to realize that, nature is part of us, and ultimately has the last word.  It is complex and resilient, but can be irrevocably altered so that our future and our way of life may be at stake.  We can’t live without clean water and clean air.  That is the truth!

The food and water we eat and drink is a reflection of the respect, or lack of it, that we show to the natural world.  If we put pesticides in our gardens, and if those poisons leach into our water and fly through the air, we are exposing ourselves, our neighbors, our community, and the world to potentially harmful toxins. Theo Colburn documented in “Our Stolen Future” that pesticides used in the United States have been found in the remote Arctic wilderness in areas totally unexposed to human activity. These toxins have been found to disrupt the endocrine system, causing many life-altering problems for humans and wildlife. That is the truth!