Sonoma County Gazette, May 2015: Updates Needed on Toxics Laws

We are surrounded by toxins in products so familiar that we can forget to take precautions with use.
The new Sonoma County Recycling Guide lists common household toxics needing to be stored, used, and disposed of with care, such as antifreeze or other auto fluids, fuels such as gasoline, kerosene and lamp oil, along with paint thinners, solvents, and wood finishes. Pesticides and weed killers are included also.

In the kitchen and bath dwell assorted cleaners, cosmetics, drain openers, aerosol sprays, and of course pharmaceuticals. Medications ending up in the waste stream at very low levels continue to be biologically active and capable of causing harm to humans, pets, fish and other aquatic life coming in contact with it. Even most effluent passing through advanced wastewater treatment systems such as reverse osmosis and advanced membrane technology, retain remnant toxins. Experts have stated that no existing treatment technologies eliminate all toxins.