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RRWPC Latest Comments on Silver Property THP, 1/14/2021

.RRWPC Russian River Watershed Protection Committee P.O. Box 501 Guerneville, CA 95446 January 14, 2021   Forest Practice Program Manager CALFIRE 135 Ridgway Ave. Santa Rosa, CA 95401   ...

RRWPC Newsletter, November 2020: Yearly Update & Silver THP

Well another year is soon to end, and while most of us won’t miss it, we won’t forget it either.  No point in rehashing details here, you get the idea.  Yet we have to note that our work has been profoundly affected by this new COVID reality that includes meetings via Zoom, wearing masks wherever people congregate, and working from home most of the time.

RRWPC Comments on THP #1-20-00084-SON, 9/28/2020

Forest Practice Program Manager CALFIRE 135 Ridgway Ave. Santa Rosa, CA 95401 RE:  Silver Estates THP #1-20-00084-SON First: we apologize for not submitting this letter by the Sept. 5th deadline.  ...

RRWPC Newsletter, August 2020: Very Low Flows for the River

Dear Russian River Supporter:

RRWPC hopes this letter finds you and your loved ones safe and secure.  We don’t need to focus on uncertainty about the future, but just hope that soon things will turn around and get back to some kind of normal.  It is a good time to celebrate the small accomplishments we experience.  Lately, RRWPC has been noticing indications that State and County agency personnel whom we deal with on a regular basis, are taking our views much more seriously, and while headway is slow, and often constrained by outdated regulations,

RRWPC Newsletter, May 2020: Fee Increases, Discharge Permit, and COVID

Prior to three months ago, the term COVID-19 was not in our vocabulary!  The first heading of RRWPC’s January newsletter rhetorically asked, “What’s in the cards for 2020?”  The letter then went on to mention that recent worldwide earthquakes and fires, including our own record setting firestorms of recent years, major local floods, and more, has shaken our collective beings. It seemed appropriate at the time to follow with the query: What’s next? What we were really thinking however, was that we had had enough of disasters and were done for a while.  The words “novel coronavirus” and, COVID-19, did not yet exist in our vocabulary.

The coronavirus, it’s effects becoming actively noticed only a month later in February, 2020, has gone on to wreak havoc with our social, financial, educational, political, familial, and recreational lives.