March 2016, Newsletter

Important issues heating up now…..Many of the issues RRWPC has been tracking for years are now becoming more active. They don’t fit our current mailer schedule and we decided a special mailer was necessary to keep you informed. We would much prefer to send brief email notices when appropriate, but many supporters have not yet shared email addresses with us. Please consider joining our list if not already on. Simply put your email address on our donor card, (donation not required), or simply send us a note to email address above.   (To assure your privacy, RRWPC never shares our lists for any reason and we carefully limit number of messages sent out.)

Annual Estuary Project Community Meeting

Wednesday, April 20th at 6 pm: Monte Rio Community Center

Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA), lead agency for implementing the Biological Opinion, will update attendees on progress regarding Estuary Plan as required by the Biological Opinion and representing part of National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) efforts to protect juvenile steelhead.